07 3 / 2012

i’ve just edited these photos of me and my friends. i love the photos, but i don’t like the place. it just reminds me of my bf’s past. even my friends keep making a joke from this thing, and i just hate it. but i know, they will never understand what i feel. so let go of the bad feelings, and move on!

06 3 / 2012

i’m starting to manage my Pinterest. but because of the setting, so my facebook changed the appearance became timeline. aaarrrghh! i hate thaattt!

01 3 / 2012

this day is the second time one of my gadget is broken. after my laptop got splashed by the water of the air conditioning, now my blackberry fell down hit a motorcycle then fell down to cement. oh God. how much money that i have to spend for these things anymore?????   Stop. yes, i stopped my thoughts. the word “spend”. or maybe God is reminding me. how much money did i spend for my royal things and how much did i save? did i spend for the right thing as charity or else? i always thought i have enough spent my money for great thing such as sodaqoh. and maybe that’s not enough. beside my spending, maybe God is also reminding me about how to be grateful everyday. is everyday i thank to God for what has Thy give? yea, that’s life. what you give is what you get. now i’m so grateful that my blackberry can be fixed by tomorrow. yes, i have to be so grateful. God is good! :)confused? this is my blackberry, and its white screen! argh!

23 2 / 2012

i’m so regretful for being awake in this early morning. it’s 2:39 a.m. in Indonesia. it’s about making my bf disappointed what i’ve said to him, i’m feeling so sorry right now but i’m feeling gloomy more. it should be me the one who always easily getting mad about everything not him.

another thing that makes me feeling so regretful is when i need friends shoulders to cry on, they don’t exist. i used to have a chat on messenger in the midnight, laugh, sad, happy, cry, get shocked, anything. now i’m just writing on a blog, sitting in front of the laptop, feeling like an idiot.

i have a lot of deadlines, actually. but now i don’t feel like doing anything.

goodnight, everybody. i’m continuing this bad feeling. :|